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Fund Manager Rating
A fund's performance is heavily reliant on who is managing the fund, as the individual fund manager is ultimately responsible for deciding whether a security should be bought or sold. With this in mind, the Sauren fund manager ratings focus on analysing the individual fund managers and their capabilities. This unique, manager-based rating approach is used to assess the future prospects of investment funds. Based on a detailed qualitative analysis of the fund manager, the rating procedure is very reliable when it comes to assessing the future success of individual investment funds.
Sauren Fund Manager Rating 2016

Brochure: Sauren Fund Manager Rating 2016 On the 28th of September 2016 the Gold Medals of the Sauren Fund Manager Rating were awarded in various categories. Only the most promising fund managers received awards from among a multitude of fund managers assessed in personal interviews.

You can find more information on the Sauren Fund Manager Ratings 2016 in our brochure "Sauren Fund Manager Rating 2016". "Fonds Professionell", the leading fund journal for investment consultants in Germany and Austria, will report in detail on the Gold Medals.

Brochure: Sauren Fund Manager Rating 2016
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